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Welcome to the web site of Bridging Loan Quotes, the site for bridging loan quotes from all of the main bridging loan lenders and other niche lenders. Some of our funding lines are big institutions, niche banks and private finance. We are bridging loan brokers who do nothing else but provide quotes for bridging loans; we will not try to sell you anything else.

If you are looking for a fast decision bridging loan from just £15,000 to £25,000,000 then we can help find you the best lender suitable to you, let us do the leg work and get the best rates possible. Speak to one of our experts today!

We specialize in bridging and development finance..

Why go to other brokers who dabble in bridging finance when you can go to a specialist who does nothing else. We arrange bridging loans on a first or second charge basis on residential properties, commercial properties and land though out the UK.

Rates are priced dependent on size of loan, type of property and location of property. All our funders give individual quotes dependent upon those parameters.

Why Use Bridging Loan Quotes;

  • - Immediate response to enquiries.
  • - Low rates from across the market.
  • - Loans from £15,000 to 25 million.
  • - 1st and 2nd charge loans arranged.
  • - Bridging loans are all we do.

For a non obligation quote call now on 0151 737 1051 or fill in the enquiry form and we will contact you by return.

What are bridging loans?

Individuals as well as companies take bridging loans to meet short term funding requirements for investment or business purposes. Easy to apply and attain, these loans are the best option for quick cash assistance without unnecessary headaches . Since there are little formalities involved, these loans are sanctioned quickly. There is no tedious paperwork; you will not have to file an application and wait for months for it to be sanctioned.. Hence, these loans are a quick and easy way of raising cash.

Bridging finance is suitable for financially unstable borrowers and those who are temporarily out of liquid cash but need it for various purposes. Credit history of the borrower is not checked. This becomes possible because loans are passed on the basis of collateral. Hence, the amount you can borrow depends on the value of the property that you own and can sign up as collateral for the loan. When putting up residential or commercial properties as collateral, borrowers can attain a loan of up to the value of the property. Given you have a collateral, your ability to repay the loan is not taken into account and hence, your credit score is not checked. If the borrower fails to pay back the loans as per the decided terms, the lender shall sell off the collateral to forfeit their lent amount.

Some of reasons for which companies and individuals obtain these loans are listed below:

  • - To arrange short-term working capital in businesses.
  • - To solve temporary cash flow inequalities.
  • - To pay unexpected taxes or fines.
  • - To purchase residential or commercial property.
  • - To renovate an existing real estate property.
  • - To bid at a real estate auction for a property.
  • - To avail a potentially profitable investment opportunity.
  •  - To construct commercial, residential and commercial units to sell later.

Instead of monthly installments, the loan is repaid in lump sum at the end of the time period. Also called a caveat loan or swing loan, bridging finance is a short term loan. The prime purpose of this loan is to dissolve the wait in long-term financing. It delivers resources at the required time and hence provides financial fortification when it is needed. It provides cash quickly and ensures that investing company or individual doesn’t have to delay their investments because of lack of cash, providing they have a collateral to borrow against. An opportunity missed can lead to losses of thousands and even millions of dollars; the bridge method of lending and finance ensures that you don’t miss good business or investment proprieties just because of temporary lack of liquid capital.

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